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May 02, 2022

Home Automation Tips And Tricks In Oakland

You own smart components, but are they complicating your life better? Most smart devices can make you become capable and alert. Here are a few Oakland home automation tips and tricks to enable your smart devices work for you.

Tip: Employ Smart Door Locks And Know When Your Kids Arrive Home From School

If your family is made up of school-aged adolescents, it's good to see when they come home from the bus. Try this Oakland home automation idea to get an mobile notification when they step into the door. First, a smart door lock and then program it to notify your mobile device when they punch in their secret unlock code. Then give them a quick heads up through the two-way talk feature on your indoor security camera.

Trick: Link Your Automation Components

One of the best things about home automation is paring all of your smart devices with each other. For example, don't worry about remembering to lock your doors when you leave for work. Instead, use your security mobile app to regularly bolt your doors when your mobile device tracks that you left your home. You can also create routines where your smart lights come on if your security cameras sense sudden motion or have your smart thermostat turn on the exhaust if your smart alarms go off.

Tip: Program Scenes For Your Home Automation Devices

When you’re a homeowner, you know how frustrating it is to figure out which breaker manages which area of your home when your fuse box aren't properly labeled. It's the same feeling with your smart alarms and cameras. When setting up your smart lights, you don't want to be confused about which home automation device is active or which alarm or sensor is buzzing. Getting an alert that the main door has been broken takes the guessing out of trying to understand which, say, a notification that entrance 2 has been broken.

Trick: Guard Your Deliveries with Home Automation

The theft of delivered packages could be a common annoyance. But, by installing a doorbell camera with your security system, you can prevent these porch pirates. You can schedule your home security to send you texts when your packages arrive, then automatically create a smart clip if the camera is tripped afterward. You might even program it to turn on your porch light or use the two-way talk feature, so it always looks like you're home.

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